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Classical music in classic Oregon settings - Oregon music festivals
In summer, music festivals dot the Oregon countryside like poppies. In fact, classical music lovers could spend much of the summer crisscrossing the state in pursuit of pleasure. Three festivals in particular have settings as soothing as the music they present. You can listen to Ravel under the stars in the Rogue River Valley, enjoy Claude Debussy by the seashore, or savor J. S. Bach in a monastery overlooking the Willamette Valley.

Chicago: music mecca for '89; Windy City stages world's biggest free blues, jazz and gospel festivals
CHICAGO is a city that comes alive with music and food festivals in the spring and summer each year. All over town, and especially in downtown Grant Park, free outdoor concerts are held for the city's three million residents and the tens of thousands of visitors who choose the Windy City, with its spectacular skyscrapers and Lake Michigan beaches, as a warm-weather vacation spot.

Festival Survival Guide
First things first, essential items for any outdoor festival - lots of plastic bags (for sitting on and keeping things dry if it's wet), loo rolls, condoms, paracetamol/aspirin (in marked boxes), water and a torch if you're camping.

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