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Festival Survival Guide

First things first, essential items for any outdoor festival - lots of plastic bags (for sitting on and keeping things dry if it's wet), loo rolls, condoms, paracetamol/aspirin (in marked boxes), water and a torch if you're camping.

Once you arrive, have a really good wander round and get your bearings - find out where everything is - food stalls, bars, first aid, loos, the way out etc.

Choose your festival outfit very carefully...
Arrange a rendez-vous point in case you get split up from your mates - don't assume that you'll get a mobile phone signal on a festival site.

Make sure you know what time the bands are on - there's nothing worse than being in your tent and hearing your fave band on stage miles away in the distance.

Drink plenty of water - it'll stop you dehydrating in the sun and help with the hangover. And if it's sunny, slap on the sunscreen and a hat. Avoid large novelty felt jesters hats - you'll look like a plank.

Don't bring any valuables, and don't leave anything that's completely essential in your tent. Also, don't bring glass bottles as they'll be confiscated.

Wear something on your head to stand out from the crowd.
Make sure you've got enough cash with you - the nearest cash points could be miles away, and any on the site will charge you a fee.

Make sure you remember where you have pitched your tent - make it stand out with a nice flag, banner or mini windmill.

Don't buy official merchandise on the first day as you'll soon run out of dosh and you might find it discounted at the end of the festival.

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