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Titanium Rings Show their True Colors

When choosing a ring for that special someone or to complement your own new look, it's natural to feel limited to a small range of color options. The metals we're used to don't offer a lot of variety. Most rings are gold or silver or slight variations on those colors. Even if you've considered titanium rings, the new phenomenon making its way into the market, it's probable that those you've seen will all have had the same muted grayish tone.

Brightening up rings with gemstones only does so much when the basic color of the band is the same. What can you do if you want to achieve a really different look? A little known secret in the jewelery business is that titanium rings can in fact be made in a range of dramatic colors, shades you just wouldn't expect to see in a metal. This can be done without painting them and without weakening the metal at all. Titanium rings are known for their strength and colored titanium rings are no exception. Colored titanium rings are still very rare, but they're not particularly expensive to make, so you should find them affordable if you're able to track them down.

They offer so many new options that you can choose or design a colored titanium ring to create a truly unique look. How are colored titanium rings made? The secret is in the metal itself. Titanium can be oxidized to create a sheen across the surface of the metal. The refractive index of this oxidized layer is such that it can shine in a range of different colors. The secret to which color the metal takes on depends on the arrangement of the oxidized crystals at its surface. Like the metal itself, titanium oxide is hypo-allergenic, so titanium rings made this way won't lose their famous property of being safe and comfortable for anyone to wear.

Using the oxidizing process, titanium rings can be made in several different shades. Many people admire the subtle bluish-grey tones reminiscent of storm clouds or ultramodern industrial landscapes. These stylish pieces of jewelery retain the understated, sophisticated appearance of classic titanium whilst adding something just a little different to help you make a personal statement. Titanium rings can also be made in a brighter blue color which looks truly unusual and can contrast impressively with gold bands or etchings or carefully chosen gemstones. Titanium rings are also available in a deep purple twilight shade which complements darker skin or dark clothes; and for a really striking look, you can even obtain titanium rings in black.

Black titanium rings retain the shine of classic titanium rings and shimmer with all the colors of the rainbow across their dark surfaces. You can guarantee that rings like this will be noticed and remarked upon. There's no better way to provide the personal touch than by choosing a colored titanium ring.

Henry Schweizer runs the Titanium Rings Review site. Everyday you'll find a new titanium ring model reviewed, plus useful tips and tricks on how to choose, buy and care a titanium ring. Check it out at titanium ring

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