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Tanglewood Music Center

In a setting of natural beauty, the Boston Symphony's summer home hosts world-renowned guest conductors and soloists.

The Background
The warm-weather performance space of the Boston Symphony Orchestra was the Berkshire estate of the appliance-making Tappan family. In 1936, the family officially presented its gift to BSO; after a mid-performance downpour in August 1937, the orchestra held a fundraising drive and built a concert hall with a roof, the Koussevitzky Music Shed.

The Scene
The Shed (as it is commonly known) is a hangar-like structure with a fan-shaped roof that covers a few rows of actual seats; more listeners picnic on the lawn beyond. The newest facility at the Tanglewood complex, Seiji Ozawa Concert Hall, opened in 1994 and is named for the orchestra's long-tenured music director. It's a large, breadbox-like theater that is open at the back to also allow patrons to hear concerts in the open air. Seasons run June to September.

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