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Yes, that's what everyone is talking about! Since mp3 music has come over CDs and become the most popular way to carry music files, your playlist can tell a lot about you. What do you type in trying to find something hot, ending with the combination "mp3"? Linkin Park mp3, Akon mp3, Rihanna mp3, or, maybe, Metallica mp3? Yes, all this you can get with just a couple of clicks! No more asking friends for the fresh features and no more CDs, bought just because of one song worth to listen to. We tell you how to download the hottest mp3 music NOW! Has the following ever happened to you? * you came to a website, offering good music, and they had no music downloads, but only samples and/or info about the artists; * you found tons of mp3 music, but not the song you were looking for; * you paid for the mp3 song, saved it and then never found it on your computer.

These mistakes are the most common, yet easy to fix. To download mp3 songs without troubles, follow these smart & easy tips: 1. Never go to unknown websites, containing the names of the artists. Check them out only if they offer to download mp3 songs, better mentioning the full versions (sometimes longer songs are cut to fit 2 or 3 minutes).

2. Don't blame the site if they don't have the right mp3 song right on the front page. The ones mentioned there are mostly the fresh add-ons and /or the most popular mp3 downloads. If you're looking for something else, use the search engine (it's usually located near the top of the page). Type in the exact name of the song or artist.

If it is more than one word, use parentheses (for example: "Avril Lavigne mp3"). This way you're most likely to find the desired mp3 sound. 3. Found what you wanted? You can get it one of the two ways: * Click the button near the song, which says "Download" * If there is only the name, you download songs by right clicking them and choosing the "Save As" option. Click the option, and then chose the folder where you normally store mp3 music. Don't forget to check, where you put your downloads! Haven't found the right one? Then it's probably not you, but the website you've chosen.

You can try to find something else, but we have good news for you: The best website where you can download legal mp3 music is already found!!! There is a lot of music waiting for you at! The site is quite new, but its popularity is growing very quickly. Want to come there before the others? Don't lose time, don't lose real mp3 music! Use your chance! Not sure yet? It's up to you to think. But better know: it doesn't take much to try. We have at least 10 reasons for you to choose mp3-realm.

biz ? the REAL Mp3 Music for everyone! 1. A huge base of mp3 music. 2.

All the most popular English mp3 songs included. 3. Always fresh music content coming. 4.

From girlie to hardcore, from old and well-loved to the hot-hot new ? all kinds of music for you. 5. Only best quality sound, only full versions of all songs. 6.

Absolutely legal mp3 downloads ? your favorite artists get what they should get. 7. Our prices are nice to clients. 8. Fresh, unique design of the website ? download music with pleasure.

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On the front page you'll see the site's top music downloads ? but not only them. We feature the top music charts from USA, UK, Europe and the whole world, so you can join and listen to the best mp3 music of the time. Not only you see what we show you ? you can find any mp3 song by name. Don't remember the name? Searches by album and artist help! Don't know what exactly you would like right know? Feel like trying something new? No problem: sort by genre and enjoy the mood of today. Are you an experienced listener or a fan of music news? Then you should visit our mp3 blog with the most exciting articles and large pictures.

What else? Much, much more ? we do share secrets! Come to, get a free account and enjoy?.

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